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Assassin’s Creed Revelations

Ubisoft was launching their third game from the game series Assassin’s Creed. They wanted to create rumour around the game before it’s launch in The Netherlands. My concept ‘From the screen to streets’ was chosen and executed; We hired an actor to imitate the character from the game, a small film crew and a writer. With

Read further...... is a Dutch online provider of cheap plane tickets, hotels and rental cars. wanted to become ‘the’ most well known provider for the cheapest plane tickets in the quickest time possible without using a commercial budget. My concept was a no frills, nice and loud to the point campaign, protesting how is ‘the’

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KINK: Messenger of Music

KinkFM an existing Dutch radio station owned by Veronica was in need of a complete brand overhaul. Strategy: KINK illuminates the best new music, they provide the listener clarity in a very saturated market. Within a team I developed several identity concepts. The chosen identity uses the colour spectrum to represent the many genres of

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House of Performance

House of Performance specialise as efficiency engineers within the workplace. They excel in getting the best out of people, turning the good into the great or the better into the best; They are essentially the difference between. ‘We are the difference between’ is a flexible platform payoff I developed which was then adapted across the many different

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The Port of Amsterdam

De Bolder used to be a clunky quarterly leaflet representing The Port of Amsterdam, now it’s a stylish considered magazine for over 1000 port personnel. Initially a pitch project, I designed a flexible magazine format following the strict style guidelines of the Gemeente Amsterdam. For 8 issues I designed and art directed the magazine. Additionally I created

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Bohemia Amsterdam

Don’t judge a book by it’s cover. As part of the internal transformation from Artmiks to Bohemia Amsterdam, promotional material was required to tell everyone all about it. The Bohemia Book of Law is not your average law book, it’s an extensive visual and charismatic manifesto about Bohemia Amsterdam’s philosophies and new positioning. I art directed the

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